Availability Rates

We advertise in a number of places please email or ring us to check availability.

We will get back to you a.s.a.p.


L'esprit Campagne




From £695.00 (including heating for pool & free WIFi May to September)

L'esprit Foret




From £295.00 (including free WIFi May to September)

Petite Campagne and Foret


We also do special deals for couples and small groups outside of July and August where we shut down facilities and bedrooms to save costs and can therefore offer you a great rate.Out of main season and winter lets can have access to wifi for a charge.This is due to our contract which runs throughout the main season and incurrs extra charges outside of that.This offers a choice to those who do not wish to pay for it.



Price: subject to numbers ,availability quoted at time

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